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Plumber Apprenticeship Program

Area II Plumbers JATC administers the Plumber program contracts with Chemeketa to provides courses in this registered apprenticeship program.

How to Apply

Notify Me set by Area II Plumbers JATC 

Plumber classes are not open to the public - plumbing apprentices only

Term Dates, College Closures and Holidays

  • Application openings

    Applications openings

    • are based on industry need
    • are announced 30 days before applications are accepted at the Area II JATC office
    • Check with Area II Plumbers for Veteran application opportunities

    Sign-up at the Area II Plumbing JATC's website to receive a notice for future openings and more information.

    Area II Plumbers JATC
    2475 Lancaster Dr. NE B-9
    PO Box 7106
    Salem, OR 97303

    Successful applicants are ranked based on points they received with their application and sent to employers in rank order.

    Women, Veterans and minorities are encouraged to apply.

  • Math Placement Testing To Enter Apprenticeship

    Applying for the Plumber Apprenticeship program?

    Do not take the Workkeys test. Follow the steps below -

    1. Submit this online form to determine the test you need:  placement assessment 
    2. Answer all questions, and Chemeketa Placement staff will direct you to the correct placement test. Under the Intent section, select “I am applying for an Apprenticeship...”
    3. You will be notified by Placement staff with further instructions on how to take the placement test. Allow five business days to hear back.
    4. You will take the placement test at home, online and at your convenience.
    5. Once completed, email to request a PDF copy of your results. Allow two business days to receive the results.
    6. Questions or concerns? Contact
  • Testing: Journeyman Plumber

    After you complete your apprenticeship, take the Journeyman Plumber test:

    1. Call Oregon Building Codes Division to select and pay for the Journeyman Plumber test at 503.378.4133, and have your test sent to the Chemeketa Testing Center. 
    2. Next contact the Chemeketa Testing Center to schedule your test at the Chemeketa Salem Campus. 
  • Job description

    Working conditions

    Plumbing work is done indoors and outdoors:

    • in newly constructed and existing buildings (homes, businesses, commercial areas and factories)
    • in all kinds of weather
    • around noise, dirt and mud
    • often working in cramped areas and in awkward positions  

    Plumbers assemble, install and repair according to specifications and plumbing codes.

    • Pipes
    • Fittings
    • Medical gas systems
    • Heating and water fixtures
    • Water and drainage systems
      • Sinks
      • Toilets
      • Bathtubs
      • Showers
      • Water heaters
      • Hot water tanks
      • Garbage disposal units

    Plumbers also clean drains, remove obstructions, repair and replace broken pipes or other fixtures.

  • How much can you earn?

    How much can you earn? 

    Average journey-level wage for 2024 is $44.16 per hour. 

    Select the link for the full Area II Plumbers wage scale

    As a successful plumber apprentices, you may qualify for state licensure and earn your journey-level card.


  • Minimum Qualifications

    Minimum Qualifications

    • Proof of age--18 years or older
    • High school diploma or GED Certificate
    • Math (Classes qualify with a grade "C" or higher).  Choose one or more of the following - 
      1. High School transcript with one-year Algebra or equivalent 
      2. OR - one post high school algebra course
      3. OR - place into Math 60 or higher on the Chemeketa math placement test

    Note: If you need to take a placement test, see instructions in the Placement Testing section above.

  • Training & degrees


    • This is a four-year program that combines 7,700 hours of on-the-job training with concurrent related-training credit courses.
    • Apprentices earn 13 academic credits per year and attend classes in the fall, winter and spring.
    • Classroom instruction is two evenings per week combined with on-the-job training to provide the most comprehensive course of study for an apprentice in the plumbing trade.

    Additional training & degrees

    Additional Training and Degrees Credits can be applied to a Certificate or AAS degree and can transfer to OIT for a BS degree.

  • Prepare while waiting

    While waiting for an opening, you may compile a portfolio of documentation required for program entry.

    • Diploma or GED certificate
    • Transcripts from high school and college
    • Placement test scores
    • Work experience documented on letterhead with the tasks listed and years of service (construction related)
    • Trades and safety certificates
    • For Veterans, a copy of the DD224 long form
  • Suggested Classes

    Suggested high school and college classes to prepare for your career


    • Blueprint Reading
    • Construction Classes
    • Drafting/CAD
    • Electrical Theory
    • Electronics
    • Residential Wiring
    • Trade Skills Fundamentals
    • Welding


    • Algebra I & II
    • Calculus
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry


    • CPR/First Aid


  • Visit these websites