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Course Descriptions

DEN066 Basic Science for Dental Assistants
Designed especially for Dental Assisting program students. Presents introductory concepts of chemistry, cell biology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology and oral histology and embryology. Includes practical application of problem solving, scientific observation laboratory techniques.
3 Credits

DEN150 Dental Sciences
Focuses on a study of the sciences associated with the practice of dentistry. Includes oral microbiology, plaque formation, plaque-related diseases, oral pathology, sterilization and disinfection principles, OSHA bloodborne pathogen and hazard communication standards, anesthesia, and pharmacology. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN151 Introductory Concepts in Dental Assisting
Provides a basic study of the dental assistant’s role with emphasis on terminology, instruments and equipment, professional regimen, chairside techniques and patient communication. Emphasizes the qualifications necessary for success in the dental assistant field. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN153 Dental Materials 1
Introduces the various materials and laboratory equipment used in the dental office. Includes the chemical and physical properties, manipulation, and uses of restorative materials, medications, impression materials and dental cements. Includes an overview of restorative and crown preparation procedures. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN156 Dental Anatomy
Introduces dental anatomy. Particular attention is directed toward the oral cavity and its associated structures and anatomical terminology. Includes identification, form and function of the adult dentition, and deciduous dentition. Also includes dental charting for conditions of the oral cavity. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting program.
4 Credits

DEN160 Dental Specialties
Studies the various fields of specialized dentistry recognized by the American Dental Association Commission. Introduces applied psychology through role playing as related to the clinical application in the specialties. Prerequisite: Second term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN161 Dental Assisting Practicum 1
Provides supervised clinical experience in basic chairside assisting procedures, including material manipulation, oral evacuation, instrument transfer, charting and patient management at the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. Prerequisite: Second term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN162 Intermediate Clinical Skills
Presents the theory and practice of intermediate clinical responsibilities delegated to dental auxiliary personnel. Includes discussion, demonstration and practical application of alginate impressions, bite registration, oral hygiene instruction, prevention products and their uses, nutritional influences, dietary analysis, patient motivation and dental dam placement and removal. Prerequisite: Second-term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
2 Credits

DEN163 Dental Materials 2
Introduces the principles of laboratory procedures related to fixed and removable prosthetics. The utilization of appropriate laboratory equipment by the student will be supplemented by instructional demonstration of additional laboratory techniques and materials. Prerequisite: Second-term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN164 Dental Radiology 1
Provides information pertinent to the principles of dental radiology, and legal aspects regarding the use of radiation. Includes the history of dental radiology; terminology; radiation physics; machine operation and equipment use; biological effects of x-rays; principles of radiation health, safety, and protection; anatomical landmarks; dental films and darkroom processing techniques. Students use x-ray manikins to practice film placement and exposure techniques. Two patient full-mouth radiographic series are required and exposed films are processed and evaluated. Prerequisite: Second term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN165 Dental Office Emergency Management
Emphasizes prevention and treatment of the most common medical emergencies in the dental office. Covers the preparation of the office and staff to deal with these emergencies, including gathering patient information, such as a health history and vital signs. Discusses the use of emergency equipment and supplies. Emphasizes use of dental anesthesia and pharmacology and their role in medical emergency situations. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Assisting Program.
2 Credits

DEN170 Dental Office Management
Introduces management of the dental office, including business office procedures and techniques, written and electronic communications, computer use, dental insurance, inventory control, accounts receivable, recall systems, and staff and patient management. Prepares students for successful employment by incorporating resume writing, completion of a job application, and interview techniques. Prerequisite: CIS101 with a grade of C or better; and second-term standing in the Dental Assisting Program.
2 Credits

DEN171 Dental Assisting Practicum 2
Consists of observation and practice in a dental office setting. Develops communication rapport with the dental team and patients; performs specified basic, intermediate, and expanded function chairside procedures; completes reception and business office tasks; applies skills in laboratory procedures; and exposes and processes patient radiographic images as directed by the dentist. Prepares students for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Certification Examination. Prerequisite: Third term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
9 Credits

DEN172 Expanded Functions
Presents the theory and practice of legal Expanded Functions for dental assistants. Includes discussion, demonstration, and practical application of the following: intra-extra oral exam, coronal polish; topical fluoride; amalgam and composite polish; provisional coverage; suture removal; cement removal; pit and fissure sealant placement, and tooth whitening. Prerequisite: Third-term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
3 Credits

DEN174 Dental Radiology 2
Continues DEN164. Allows students to take additional adult and pediatric (pedodontic) manikin films using low-dose technique. Students develop skills in patient management and improve radiographic techniques by completing at least one full mouth patient x-ray series. Includes information in taking pediatric images, images in edentulous areas, images taken while the patient is in a supine position, endodontic images, occlusal views, and extra-oral images. Students learn utilization of the panoramic x-ray unit, film duplicators, and automatic film processors. Students expose and evaluate all Images, and are eligible to take the State x-ray examination upon successful completion of DEN164 and DEN174. Prerequisite: Third term standing in the Dental Assisting program.
2 Credits

DEN263 Dental Materials for Dental Hygiene
Examines on general properties, composition and manipulation of common dental materials and restorative materials. Expanded functions including denture relines and amalgam polishing are practiced. Prerequisite: Current Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene student.
4 Credits