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Differential Fee

Some courses at Chemeketa have differential fees. Learn more about the fee and what courses include them.

Certain Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and science courses have a differential fee applied beginning fall term 2019. Selected CTE programs will have a differential fee applied to all core classes in that program. Science classes that have a lab component will also have a differential fee. The differential fee will be $10 per credit hour.

  • CTE Programs with differential fee

    CTE programs that have the differential fee applied to all core classes are listed below by Pathway

    Arts, Humanities & Communication

    • Graphic Design AAS Degree
    • Multimedia Arts AAS Degree

    Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

    • Architectual Drafting Certificate
    • Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) Certificate
    • Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) AAS Degree
    • Cybersecurity AAS Degree
    • Computer Systems & IT AAS Degree
    • Computer Information Systems Certificate
    • Electronics Certificate
    • Electronic Engineering Technician AAS Degree
    • Industrial Electronics AAS Degree
    • Renewable Energy Management AAS Degree

    Agriculture, Industrial Technology & Skilled Trades

    • Crop Health Certificate
    • Horticulture AS Degree
    • Horticulture AAS Degree
    • Irrigation Technician Certificate
    • Automotive Entry Level Technician Certificate
    • Automotive Technology AAS Degree
    • Diesel Technology AAS Degree
    • CAD/CAM AAS Degree
    • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator Certificate
    • Robotics AAS Degree
    • Arc Welding Certificate
    • MIG Welding Certificate
    • Welding Certificate
    • Welding Fabrication AAS Degree
    • Vineyard Operations Certificate
    • Vineyard Management AAS Degree
    • Winemaking AAS Degree

    Business & Hospitality

    • None

    Education & Social Sciences

    • None

    Emergency Services & Public Safety

    • Criminal Justice AAS Degree
    • Basic Corrections Certificate
    • Corrections AAS Degree
    • Basic Law Enforcement Certificate
    • Law Enforcement AAS Degree
    • EMT Certificate
    • Paramedic Certificate
    • Paramedicine AAS Degree
    • Firefighter-EMT Certificate
    • Fire Prevention AAS Degree
    • Fire Service Suppression & Management Certificate
    • Fire Suppression AAS Degree

    Health Professions & Wellness

    • Anesthesia Tech AAS Degree
    • Dental Assisting Certificate
    • Practical Nursing Certificate
    • Nursing AAS Degree
    • Pharmacy Tech Certificate
    • Pharmacy Management AAS Degree
  • Science courses with differential fee

    Science courses that have the differential fee are listed below-


    • BI060- Basic Science for Dental Assistants
    • BI101- General Biology: Ecology and Diversity
    • BI102- General Biology: Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution
    • BI103- General Biology: Plant and Animal Structure and Function
    • BI112- Cell Biology Health Occupation
    • BI121- Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 1
    • BI122- Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 2
    • BI131- Environmental Science 1
    • BI132- Environmental Science 2
    • BI143- Marine Biology
    • BI153- Fundamentals of Plant Biology
    • BI211- Principles of Biology 1
    • BI212- Principles of Biology 2
    • BI213- Principles of Biology 3
    • BI231- Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • BI232- Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • BI233- Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • BI234- Microbiology


    • CH104- Chemistry for Allied Health
    • CH105- Chemistry for Allied Health
    • CH106- Chemistry for Allied Health
    • CH110- Foundations of General, Organic and Biochemistry
    • CH114- Chemistry in Art
    • CH115- Chemistry in Society
    • CH116- Chemistry in the Environment
    • CH117- Chemistry in the Kitchen
    • CH121- College Chemistry 1
    • CH122- College Chemistry 2
    • CH123- College Chemistry 3
    • CH201- Chemistry for Engineers 1
    • CH202- Chemistry for Engineers 2
    • CH221- General Chemistry 1
    • CH222- General Chemistry 2
    • CH223- General Chemistry 3
    • CH241B- Organic Chemistry Lab 1
    • CH242B- Organic Chemistry Lab 2
    • CH243B- Organic Chemistry Lab 3


    • GEO142- Geology of Pacific NW Volcanoes, Mountains and Earthquakes
    • GEO143- Geology of Pacific NW Rocks and Minerals
    • GEO144- Geology of Pacific NW Rivers, Glaciers and Deserts
    • GEO201- Geology: Rocks and Minerals
    • GEO202- Geology: Surface and Environmental Geology
    • GEO203- Geology: Evolution of the Earth

    General Science

    • GS104- General Science: Physics
    • GS105- General Science: Chemistry
    • GS106- General Science: Earth Science
    • GS107- General Science: Astronomy
    • GS108- General Science: Oceanography
    • GS141- General Science: Earth Systems Science
    • GS142- General Science: Geology
    • GS151- Marine Environmental Systems


    • PH060- Applied Physical Science
    • PH111- Physical Science for Fire Science and Emergency Services
    • PH121- Applied Physics
    • PH122- Applied Physics
    • PH207- Astronomy: Solar System
    • PH208- Astronomy: Stars
    • PH209- Astronomy: Galaxies
    • PH214- Physics Lab for PH201 and PH211
    • PH215- Physics Lab for PH202 and PH212
    • PH216- Physics Lab for PH203 and PH213