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Diesel Technology Course Sequences

See the classes you should take each term to complete the Diesel Technology degree.

Diesel Technology Degree Course Sequences

Getting Started

The first step to entering this program is to take part in an assessment process, which includes taking the college’s free placement test and meeting with Diesel Technology program faculty. You may need to complete entry-level courses. Then the Diesel Technology program faculty will help you develop an individualized program of study.

Be sure to review the catalog for important information about program outcomes and other details not found in this listing.

See course descriptions for more information about your classes.

Placement Assessment

Students are required to be placed into at least MTH020, RD090, and WRT080. This means you many need to take prerequisite courses. 

Learn more about placement assessment.

Diesel Technology Degree

Course Sequence
TermCourseTitleCredit Hours
1 DSL110 Diesel Engine Diagnosis & Repair 6
  DSL111 Diesel Technology: Introduction to Electrical & Electronics 6
  MTH052 Introduction to Algebra and Gemoetry+ (or higher) 3
2 DSL120 Diesel Technology: Introduction to Fuels 6
  DSL121 Diesel Technology: HVAC Repair & Diagnosis 6
  WR088 Introduction to Technical Writing 1 (or higher) 3
3 DSL130 Diesel Technology: Introduction to Hydraulics 6
  DSL131 Diesel Technology: Heavy Duty Powertrains 6
  PSY104 Workplace Psychology (or higher) 4
  WLD105 Welding 4
Summer   Cooperative Work Experience 3
4 DSL210 Diesel Technology: Heavy Duty Brakes 6
  DSL211 Diesel Technology: Heavy Duty Suspension & Steering 6
  CIS101 Computer Concepts 3
5 DSL220 Diesel Technology: Automatic & Powershift Transmission 6
  DSL221 Diesel Technology: Advanced Fuels 6
    Diesel Technology elective * 3
6 DSL230 Diesel Technology: Advanced Hydraulics 6
  DSL231 Diesel Technology: Advanced Engine Diagnostic 6
    Diesel Technology elective * 3

*Diesel Technology elective: Any course of at least three credits and with a course number of 100 or above chosen from one of the following academic areas: ART, ASL, ATH, BI, CH, CLA, COMM, CIS, CS, ENL, ENG, FA, FR, GE, GEG, GEO, GS, HDF, HE, HOR, HPE, HST, HUM, JNL, JPN, MTH, MUS, NFM, OC, PE,PH, PHL, PS, PSY, RD, REL, RUS, SOC, SPN, SSC, SSP, WR, WS