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Active Programs

Chemeketa's open programs do not require special approval while limited enrollment programs require acceptance though a separate admission process or application.

Open Programs

  • Transfer & General Degrees
    Transfer & General Degree Codes
      Program/DegreeCodeFocus Code
    Lower Division-Associates of Science AS 0095    
    Lower Division-General Studies AGS 0044    
    Lower Division-Oregon Transfer AAOT 0001    
      0001 Art 7001
      0001 Communication 7002
      0001 English 7003
      0001 Languages 7005
      0001 Music 7006
      0001 Philosophy 7007
      0001 Religion 7007
      0001 Social Sciences 7009
      0001 Psychology 7010
      0001 Sociology 7010
      0001 Health& Human Performance 7011
      0001 Engineering 7012
      0001 Mathematics 7013
      0001 Biology 7014
      0001 Physical Sciences 7015
    Lowever Division-Oregon Transfer Elementary Education 0188    
    Lower Division-Oregon Transfer Business ASOT 0124    
    Lower Division-Oregon Transfer Computer Science ASOT 0123    
    Associate of Science Transfer in Computer Science-AST 0192    
    Lower Division-Associates of Science Horticulture AS 0174    
  • Accounting
    Accounting Codes
    Accounting AAS 0008
    Accounting CERT 0066
    Data Analytics for Accounting CERT 0177
    Payroll CERT 0119
    Tax Preparation CERT 0067
    Agriculture Codes
    Crop Health Management 0179
    Horticulture AAS 0026
    Irrigation Technician CERT  0182 
    Vineyard Management AAS  0018
    Vineyard Operations CERT  0052
    Winemaking AAS  0019
    Wine Hospitality CERT  0163
  • Apprenticeship
    Apprenticeship Codes
      Major   Code 
      Apprenticeship ND/CR    0100 
      Construction Trades Apprenticeship AAS    0030 
      Construction Trades Apprenticeship CERT    0083 
      Construction Trades and Apprenticeship Readiness CERT   0185 
      Electrician Apprenticeship AAS    0031 
      Electrician Apprenticeship CERT    0084 
      Limited Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies CERT   0187 


  • Automotive
    Automotive Codes
      Major   Code 
      Automotive Entry Level Technician CERT    0068 


  • Business Management
    Business Management Codes
      Major   Code 
      Management AAS    0010 
      Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management CERT    0175
      Procurement and Supply Chain Management AAS    0042 
      Procurement CERT   0172
      Procurement Management CERT    0092 
      Sustainability in Management CERT    0191


  • Computer Information Systems
    Computer Information Systems & Codes
      Major    Code 
      Computer Information Systems CERT   0178
      Computer Systems and Information Technology AAS    0027 
      Cyber Security AAS   0167


    Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement & Corrections Codes
      Major   Code 
      Basic Corrections CERT    0094 
      Basic Law Enforcement CERT    0089 
      Criminal Justice AAS    0014 


  • Drafting
    Drafting Codes
      Major   Code 
      Architectural Drafting CERT    0062 
      Drafting Technology (CAD) AAS    0011 
      Drafting Technology (CAD) CERT    0054 


    Early Childhood Education Codes
      Major   Code 
      Early Childhood Education AAS    0015 
      Early Childhood Education CERT    0049 
      Infant/Toddler CERT    0077 
      Preschool CERT    0078 


    Education Codes
    Major Code
    Education Support Professionals CERT 0195
    High School CTE Teaching License CERT 0198
  • Electronics
    Electronics Codes
      Major   Code 
      Electronic Engineering AAS    0013 
      Electronics CERT    0087 
      Industrial Electronics AAS    0020 
      Networking Technology Essentials CERT    0151 
      Renewable Energy Management AAS    0037
      Robotics AAS 0155


  • Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services
    Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services Codes
      Major    Code 
      Fire Prevention AAS    0003 
      Fire Service Supervision and Management CERT    0057
      Emergency Medical Technician CERT   0181


  • Human Services
    Human Services Codes
      Major    Code 
      Direct Support Professional  AAS   0169
      Human and Social Services Traditional Health Worker CERT    0093


  • Machining
    Machining Codes
      Major   Code 
     Computer Nurmerically Controlled (CNC) Operator CERT    0075 
    Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) AAS    0028 
    Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Fundamentals CERT   0168 


    Hospitality & Tourism Management Codes
      Major    Code 
      Hospitality and Tourism Management AAS    0158 
      Hospitality and Tourism Management CERT    0159 
      Event Management CERT    0160 
      Tourism and Travel Management CERT    0154 
      Food and Beverage Management CERT    0152 
      Lodging Management CERT    0153 


  • Office Administration & Technology
    Office Administration & Technology Codes
      Major    Code 
      Accounting Administrative Assistant AAS    0004 
      Administrative Office Professional AAS    0002 
      Business Technology CERT    0081 
      Legal Administrative Professional CERT**   0173
      Medical Administrative Assistant AAS    0035 
      Office Fundamentals CERT    0082 

    **This certificate requires department approval and cannot be requested through the normal change of academic intent form. Visit the department's webpage for more information. 

  • Welding
    Welding Codes
      Major    Code 
      ARC Welding CERT    0156 
      MIG Welding CERT    0157


    Non-Program Specific Codes
      Major   Code 
      Personal Enrichment-Credit ND/CR    0109 
      Personal Enrichment-Non-Credit ND/NC    0116 
      Undecided ND/CR    0112


Limited Enrollment Programs

  • Limited Enrollment Programs

    Interested in a limited enrollment program? Contact that program to learn more about application deadlines and admission requirements.

    • You may use the Change of Academic Intent form to request to be placed in one as a concentration under a general degree, use the list below as your guide to completing the form.
    • Adding a Limited Enrollment program as your focus records your interest in being admitted to the program until you are formally accepted into the Limited Enrollment program.
    Limited Enrollment Focus Codes
    General Degree Code Limited Enrollment Program/Concentration Code
    AGS 0044 Automotive Technology AAS 0009
        Corrections AAS 0043
        Law Enforcement AAS 0038
        Dental Assisting CERT 0180
        Paramedicine AAS 0121
        Fire Suppression AAS 0196
        Addiction Counselor Certification Preparation CERT  0051
        Addiction Studies AAS 0016
        Social Services AAS 0017
        Medical Assisting CERT 0091
        Pharmacy Management AAS 0029
        Pharmacy Technician CERT 0064
        Speech Language Pathology Assistant CERT 0055
        Speech Language Pathology Assistant AAS 0021
        Graphic Design AAS 0034
        Multimedia Arts AAS 0162
        Welding CERT 0061
        Welding AAS  0024
        Building Inspection Technology AAS 0127
        Direct Support Professional AAS 0169
        Diesel Technology AAS 0186
        Healthcare Billing CERT 0189
        Healthcare Coding CERT 0190
    AAOT 0001 Nursing AAS 0007
        Anesthesia Technology AAS 0165
    BAS/BSN 0203 Applied Leadership & Management 0202